If anything could unite us …

Heartbreak. Profound disappointment. Resentment and anger. Frustration. You get the idea. I’ve been looking for the best in humanity and in our nation through this pandemic crisis, and I have not found it.

I believed that if any crisis could unite us, it would be a pandemic. We’d obviously band together and do whatever it took to stop the spread, save lives and get this over with. Yet, over and over I watched and listened to such ugliness, animosity and downright ignorance that at times darkened my thoughts and drained my spirit.

Then I remembered. Fear makes people do things that they wouldn’t otherwise consider. Isolation affects mental and emotional health. A lot – a lot! – of lies were being told over and over again, and it became difficult to know who to trust. People are grieving what has been lost due to this pandemic.

We’re all only human, and we cannot escape our nature by our own strength.

Then I remembered something else. Something more important. Something essential. I was looking to humanity for something that only God can provide. Rescue from our sinful nature. Delivery from the pit we dig for ourselves. Love and strength to live for Him despite our circumstances. Hope for a future that is eternally secure because we belong to Him.

Eyes off people. Eyes on Jesus. That’s the only way I’m going to overcome this crisis. How about you?

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