That Changes Everything

Our pastor did something different during her Easter message. She shared a series of statements and invited us all to conclude those statements with, “But Jesus is alive, and that changes everything.”

I’m going to take this statement with me when I go to work tomorrow. I’ll take it along next time I’m driving to WalMart. I’ll recite it while waiting in the doctor’s office. While watching our golden doodle Violet gambol about the backyard? Sure, why not contemplate that statement there, too.

I just need to remember not to add anything, like “ … that changes everything to MY liking” or “ … that changes everything so that those who have wronged me get what they deserve.”

Jesus is indeed alive, and has been so since that first Resurrection Day more than 2,000 years ago. It has most assuredly changed everything. While our world continues on, broken, divided, embittered and afflicted, there is much more at work and much more in store for those who believe. Just wait … you’ll see!

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