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Make It Stop!

Ever feel like you’re running inside the hamster wheel? That’s the month of April at my workplace, in a nutshell. Lots of reports, audits, and meetings. As my retirement years draw much closer I think about how I envisioned gradually scaling back and easing into that transition. Reality’s quite different. Work runs 100 miles –Continue reading “Make It Stop!”

That Changes Everything

Our pastor did something different during her Easter message. She shared a series of statements and invited us all to conclude those statements with, “But Jesus is alive, and that changes everything.” I’m going to take this statement with me when I go to work tomorrow. I’ll take it along next time I’m driving toContinue reading “That Changes Everything”


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I’m Betsy. I write mostly for a living and have been putting words in other people’s mouths for decades. This site is my blank slate on which to write as God directs. Join me on the journey, and we’ll see what happens!

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